Wednesday, March 4, 2015

All About Me (Hamad)

Hi, my name is Hamad and I am 14 years old. I currently study in the American School of Abu Dhabi I think we are very fortunate as students and artists to get this great opportunity for us artist to compare and show off our artwork to each other and that this is one in a lifetime opportunity. I personally don't have a favorite type of artwork and I believe that art should not have types and just have our ideas melting and drawn on a piece of paper to express our feelings and emotions. I hope that you will enjoy looking at my artwork and my classmates. You might look at my drawing and wonder what this is, it might look like any other shape but deep down inside this artwork has a lot of meaning because the colors to me represented the color of the armies uniform which many people lost their life fighting for their country, And the black represents the color of power our country has.

There is one artist that has deeply inspired me because he just paints random art work based on his feelings and emotions, this artist is known as Vincent Van Gogh. I am proud to represent my country Abu Dhabi with this artwork I drew. I hope that this will show you how proud I am to call my self Emirati.    


  1. Hi Hamad, I really like your artwork and it really caught my eye because of the use of the colour green. But what I really liked about it was that you drew the shadow very carefully and precisely that your piece of art looks really realistic and 3D. You really should be proud because this piece of art is stunning.

    I can't wait to see more of your stuff on this blog.

  2. Hey there Hamad I like the piece of art because it tells me a little bit about Abu Dhabi. Had there been a war or something in Abu Dhabi. I wonder if you could maybe make some sort of collage with is

    1. Hey there Sebby,
      Abu dhabi has not had a war, but we have a really strong army and also there has been a new rule that all the people who graduate or when their 19 have to go to the army and serve a couple of months or years in the army.

      I will take it into consideration to make a collage but what do you exactly mean by a collage and will it be only my art work