Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cem Gonzale's First Art Post

Hi, my name is Cem I’m a 13 year old Turkish boy living in Abu Dhabi. I’m in 8th grade and have been taking art since 6th grade. I enjoy making and viewing art. I like drawing graphite paper. Currently I’m working on copying this painting called Northern Lights:

I especially like Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso's work. I'm really excited about Louvre and Guggenheim museums opening here in Abu Dhabi. I have visited many art museums around the World and enjoy hanging out with my friends in them. Hope this gives you an idea about me.


  1. Hi Cem, I really like how you have made your painting 3D and have made the colours blend in. Good job!

  2. Hi Cem!

    I found this piece of work to stand out to me on this blog because how incredibly abstract it is. I love how the work is supposed to replicate the Northern Lights as myself have experienced that strange phenomenon. This work shows many shapes and figures slotting together to create a wonderful painting showing the lights. I also love how when mixing your colors they almost exactly replicate the original colors. I love it!

    Rhianna :D

    1. I never saw the Northern Lights personally. Do you think that colours are accurate compared to the actual event?

  3. Hi Im Arya, This is a very good piece of art it is very abstract and unique. I think that this piece of work is beautiful because the colours you have used stand out from the art. I think this piece of art could be even better by making edges sharper and out lining the white areas with a thin black pen.
    Lovely work!


    1. Actually, I didn't finish my painting yet and I will color in the white spaces. Hopefully that will make the painting look sharper.

  4. Hi Cem,
    I saw your art work and it really stood out to me. I love how you make the picture look 3D using sharp shapes and colour! The abstract shapes are very well drawn.
    Really nice!

    Donna UWCSEA 8NaT

  5. Hey Cem,
    I saw your copy of the painting "Northern Lights", and was just amazed by how cool the original and the copied one both looked. I really like your type of art, and I hope to see more of your copies or drawings.

    Timo UWCSEA 7NGe