Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello, Nice to Meet You - Simone

Hello, I’m Simone. I’m from the USA but I currently live in Abu Dhabi. Art is a very important part of life here and it's quite exciting because currently they are opening a replica Louvre. They is a plethora of artistic talent coming in and out and is quite a place for an aspiring artist to be. I personally like art in all it’s aspects music, acting, writing, and visual art. Some of the best work I’ve seen has been in and on the subways of New York, which also happens to be my favorite place to be. My favorite (recognized) artist is Georgia O’Keeffe, specifically the cow’s skull with calico roses. I’ve recently finished a copy of masterpiece using acrylic paint, this particular piece is called The Road from Arras to Bapaume by Christopher Nevinsons. Overall I’m excited to see the pieces that are produced from other schools through this blog.   

Here is the original piece on Google Art Project:


  1. Hi Simone! I like the way you used your colours to make the shades of the ground. The horizon looks quite interesting as well. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Katrina, I was particularly happy with the similarity of the coloring between my copy and the original. What kind of art do you/currently working on?

    1. I generally use pencils or watercolours because they're the mediums that I'm most comfortable with. What's your preferred medium of art?

  3. Hi Simone, I am Max for UWCSEA. Your piece is identical to the original and has such great detail. Great work!

  4. Hi Simone, I am Pia from UWCSEA. I examined the original piece and I also enjoyed looking at your replica. I find that you did an amazing job at replicating the artwork and your piece is identical to the original. I especially liked the way you painted the horizon and how you blended the colours really well and paid attention to all the details in the original piece and made these details visible and stand out in yours.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your artwork!