Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Seid L

Hey, my name is Seid. I am currently in grade 8 and I am taking art class. I really enjoy art and that’s why I choose to partake in ACS’s new whole year art program. I travel the world a lot so I have been to many famous art exhibits, that were really interesting some exhibit I’ve visited include: The Louvre, The Art Institute of Chicago, Uffizi, and The Museum of Modern Art. I have seen many different artworks and I don’t know if I have a favorite artist since every artist has an interesting element to their art. I am currently doing an acrylic painting of a monster/yeti thing. I can’t wait to be connecting with other students about art!

This is the art piece I was talking about earlier, and this is my finished art work. I really liked this unit because we could choose any painting to paint. I choose this painting since I thought it would be a challenge and I think my creature would be enjoyable to draw. I used different techniques to achieve my final product, but I mainly used dry brush to make it as close as the original piece.


  1. Hi Seid,
    I like this because it looks very cool and interesting. Also, there is a good contrast in color. Have you thought about making the painting a bit neater, without splotches of paint all over.

    1. Hey Declan,
      Thanks for the nice compliments! You also asked a great question about the neatness of the project! I made the splotches intentionally since we had to copy an exact art work. If you were wondering what the original art work is you can find it here:

  2. Hi Seid ! I'm Kynza from Xiamen (China), your artwork is amazing! I love the mood that your painting creates in my mind! I'd love to see more of your artwork!

  3. Hey Seid, I'm Nat from Singapore! I think your piece of art is pretty cool! You used acrylic painting in a very unique and interesting way! I would love to visit the Louvre one day!

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  5. Hey!! This is Julie from XIS (Xiamen, China) I love the feeling that your artwork gives me. I really want to see more of your artworks!!! :))

  6. Hi Seid, it's interesting you like art because you're also good at it! Your painting looks really hard to make. I like the shading because it surely adds a lot to the detail of the piece and combos well with the colors! I think that your artwork has a "vintage" feel to it which makes it look unique :)
    Would you be interested in collaborating on a project of any sort?