Thursday, April 16, 2015

2nd Artwork Post- 3D Artwork (Haris)

3D Artwork!!

In art, we are making a 3 Dimensional Project. I am working on a Plaster Hand. It is done molding and has hardened, as I left it over spring break in the art room. It is made out of alginate, the pink stuff, and plaster, the white stuff. I did this by putting my hand in the alginate, then after the alginate hardened, I poured plaster in the mold. The reason I did a normal Hand Position was that I wanted something that was realistic, and Plaster. It would also be interesting to look at, as it is a real hand :)

Here is what it was like before spring Break

It is done now, that it has been sitting there for over 2 Weeks, and I am getting ready to cut it out. The reason for all of this was that it was the first time I did anything with Plaster, and also would like to improve upon.

Here is another picture of it now, taken today. I cut it out, from the alginate, and also, 2 fingers broke off. I will use wet plaster and hot glue to fix that, don’t worry :D.

Here it is!!!!

Ok, so I have gone back, and added wet plaster to the fingers, it looks pretty nice. Tell me what you guys think!


Just my luck, that I got a picture of it. After I took a picture, My hand fell, and there went two more fingers! wow.


  1. Hi Haris!
    Your plaster hand really does look realistic! You cut it out really precisely and carefully which I think made this look more real. It's really unfortunate that the fingers fell off, however looking at the last picture it seems like you managed to glue it back together. It doesn't look like it has been glued back on and it looks really smooth as well :) Hopefully the 2 other fingers stick back on :)

  2. Hello Haris!
    I see its been a long project for you. As i can see you faced some problems and challenges during this artwork(sculpture), like when fingers broke off but you still managed to make this project successful and perfect in my opinion, so well done on that. There are not many improvement you can do, since you did very good but i think you can make hand more smooth (just a little bit).

    Comment by Nick Gaina

  3. Thanks guys! I really appreciated the feedback! Yes it is true, the fingers did come back on! Thanks