Thursday, April 16, 2015

3D Art Project: Mask

This unit in Art class, we are working on 3D creations. I chose plaster as my medium, which I had never worked with before, to try something new. My original idea was to create some sort of old italian renaissance mask, but due to lack of ideas, I decided to take it a step further, and create a message with my piece. For my final, I will be making a mask (which I have already done) with strips of a plaster-covered gauze, which when dried, solidify into the shape I have formed it on. My idea was to cover the mask with words or names that can be either hurtful, and/or labeling (ie smart, freak, dork, ugly, athletic, ext.) Any ideas? At this point, I feel that the mask is a bit dull, and I want to make it a bit nicer. I can also do something with the other side of the mask. Thanks! Look forward to hear back! :)

These are my masks- the one with the words on the left is a practice I did, modeling what I want to do with the final (the one with tears on the right). I have already painted over the final in white paint, the words in black paint, and the tears in blue paint.




  1. Hi Charlotte!
    I really like this piece you created! The message behind the mask is strong and I think can apply to a lot of people. The tears you added worked really well with your mask and the extra coat of white paint made the mask smoother. I really like how you chose to keep the edges rough, it adds to your message. Well done!:)

  2. I love the way you did your mask, It really does have a strong message to it, and I am sure many people can relate. I was wondering why you decided to make only half a mask. Because I viewed it as that is the half people choose to see, although there is another half of the person but they decide to ignore it. Or did you have another reason to making half a mask.
    Also if you want to improve for next time, you could change the font you use to write the words to emphasize their meanings. Otherwise, great job!