Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Art at Home

Here are some pictures of some non-school art I do at home.

The first few are of a Mario sculpture made with Lego. The Scale is 1x1 Lego piece to pixel. The rest are of a small sculpture I made of dirhams, which symbolizes inequality in distribution of wealth.


  1. Hey Alex!
    I'm Sonika from UWC in Singapore. I absolutely love your the Mario sculpture, I am personally a huge fan of Mario (I love super Mario brothers and Mario kart as well). I will also say that I have never seen a sculpture quite like that before. The second sculpture is super compelling too, but I was wondering how exactly it represents the inequality of wealth (I was guessing that it had something to do with the arrangement of the dirhams, but I wasn't quite sure) although I love the idea. Could you explain the sculpture a bit more?

    On a separate note, I do think that there is a Louvre being built in Abu Dhabi now (I heard about it when I was in Dubai), and it sounds super good! What are your thoughts on it?

  2. Alex, thanks for posting these works - it is really great to see work that you produce of your own choice. I find the topics you cover with these two pieces very intriguing. Kind of feel like the second piece needs further explanation in your post. Or at least some clarification - I can make the connection to a fallen (literally unequal) tower of coins as indicative of inequality of the product of its making but.....I don't know - maybe the scale is insufficient? The true inequality lies in the expansive amounts of wealth and its poor distribution. This shows enough to buy a bag of Doritos. Don't get me wrong I think your idea is applicable to the larger society in which you live - which is something impressive but this piece could be perhaps even more striking if you considered expanding it? Your thoughts?