Thursday, April 16, 2015

Balance: A Sculpture

In my newest art project I have started building a 3D sculpture out of wire. I have used a variety of colored wires and wires of different thicknesses. I originally planned to build two squares, a base square and a second square that was attached to the other square with a wire in a way that suspended it in the air. With only a pair of safety glasses, a pair of pliers/wire cutters and my trusty hands I have brought myself close to completion. This is where it is so far.

I ran into some troubles with the weight and balance of the art piece so I have weaved and will continue to weave some rocks into the base figure. I think it looks really nice so far and is almost at completion. If anyone has any advice or thinks I should add or do something different please do say so! I am open to suggestions!  


  1. Hey Sam! I was here with you while you made this, but I think it definitely developed very well. You made a lot of good changes to it that made it look more sleek and well developed. I like how you chose to stick to a color scheme and make it look clean and well done. One thing to fix is possibly the red and blue wires hanging off of the top cube look a little strange, but I don't know if you meant to put those there or not. Did you? Well overall I think this has been very well done and looks great!

  2. I had extra wire so I put it there instead of throwing it away. Thank you!

  3. Hey Sam! It is a really cool artwork~! I really like how you used the wires and they rocks they make pretty good combination! :) ~ But i was wondering what inspired you to do this artwork? Great job~ looking forward to see more! ~

    1. Thank you Julie! The inspiration for this piece came from a gallery in the modern art museum in Paris. It was floating cubes suspended from the roof by a very thin wire. As soon as I saw it I was captivated by it. So in this project I used what materials I had and the style of art I was assigned to use to try and replicate it but also make it my own. Hope that answers your question! :D

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