Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ceramics: Such a Flexible Medium!

Hi Guys,
In this unit I am working on ceramics in our 3D art. My original plan was to make a clay mug with a unique textural feel to it. In our art studio we don’t have access to a pottery wheel so making this mug would be little more difficult but also interesting. I was very keen on creating something that could have an applicable use in everyday life. Rather than making an intensely decorative ceramic sculpture I opted for a more practical but still stylish coffee mug that could hold a cup of joe. To make this I needed to formulate a very planned out methodology that could make this piece without too much stress. My first step was to get the clay pounded with a texture of my choice. I got a slab of clay, cut down to size and pressed a unique design from a bath mat. Then I had the hard job of making the slab round. I tried to wrap the slab around a number of things such as water bottles, other coffee mugs and paint containers but to no avail. Then with a little help from my teacher I wrapped it around a kitchen roll of paper and then removed the roll. I then added a stamp with “I” for Ishan engraved in it to make it my own. I let the clay dry and am about to put it in the kiln to make it hard. Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Hey Ishan,

    I find reading the whole process about what you went through in order to make this really interesting. I have never done any ceramics before and I never thought it would be that forward. Are you going to leave this just ceramics or are you thinking of adding paint to it?

  2. Hey Ishan! I really like your mug! It looks like it had dried out and has that dried up mud look in the sides and I think that looks really cool! Im loving that stamp, it defiantly makes it yours. I made a cup like this before and what worked for me best was rolling the clay into a cylinder then using my fingers to hallow it out. Are you going to paint it? I really like this hope to see the finished project.

  3. really amazing work Ishan!
    I think it's really cool how you took a basic mug idea and made it into something unique. Also, I love how you added a stamp to show it was yours. My suggestion would be to add a more appealing color like a brownish shade or just something totally different.

  4. Hi Ishan! I'm Kelly Huh from Xiamen International School. I enjoyed your artwork a lot! I like the idea that you made a useful sculpture in real life. I love the patterns and the stamp on your mug. If you make it more colorful, it would be awesome!