Monday, April 13, 2015

Emma Y

Hey my names is Emma and in our art class,we are working on  plasters. first class time we learn about how to use plasters, then is our work time. so you can add color, small sparkle in when you mix the plasters and the water, that makes you art work more creative. my idea is to create a star with 5 moveable pieces, and sparkle in side the plasters. First i started with making a modal to hold the plasters. that was one of the most challenge


  1. Wow, I really like what you have so far! I am just wondering will you keep the cardboard on or just leave it like it is? Either way I think it's good.

    1. i think i will keep the crad board on, Before I finish every thing my plan was to take it out. But now, since it woks fine, I gonna keep it this way. i glad you like this! Thank you

  2. Hi! Emma
    I like how you put thee mixed materials such as sparkles, plaster and that piece of box. Can you separate the plaster pieces? I think it would be really look creative if you take out or color that box covering the plaster pieces.