Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Own Art - Alicia Dziedzic

Out side of art class, I don't do much art on my own. I'm not much of a singer, I don't enjoy art enough to do it on my own, I get really stage fright (so no drama), but I do play the violin. I have been playing the violin since 4th grade (4 years) but unfortunately this year I have not been able to play because my violin was destroyed when I moved to Abu Dhabi.
At the moment, I am doing one other sort of art outside of class, which is i'm making a video game. I have been having a debate with a few of my classmates about if this is art or not. It would be great if you could leave a comment about if you think it is art or not.
I am making the video game for my tech exploration class. I am using the program scratch. So far, my game is set under the sea. There are two characters and it is a single player game. The player is a fish and it is being chased by the shark. The point of the game is not to get caught by the shark. If the shark chatches you, you disappear and the game is over. I have only been working on the project for three classes so I have a lot more to go. Tell me if you have any ideas of what I could include in my game and if you do any sort of art outside of school.


  1. Hey Alicia!

    It's so unfortunate to hear that your violin broke, it would have been great to hear you.

    Concerning the 'is making a video game art' question, I would have to say this. Art is any form of expression. Whether it be visual art, music, drama, or english. If you find that making video games is a form of expression for you, then yes, it is an art. Speaking of which, your video game sounds great!

    Judging from what you said about yourself, it seems as if you would be great with working with computers, and I would say that you should have a look at flat graphic design (google it). When you start off in graphic design, I would recommend that you take a reference picture from one of the google images, and just try to replicate it. You could use a software like Ai (adobe illustrator) or something like pages depending on your level of expertise, and use the shape and pen tool to try and replicate the picture you picked. I promise you, it'll look great :)

    On a separate note, I was wondering if you had a facebook or instagram account, because I would love to follow you.


  2. Hey Alicia! The video games idea is very interesting and original! What inspired you to start making video games? If and when you start playing the violin again you could do some artwork based around instruments which would be interesting? What other typed of artwork do you enjoy and which inspire you? You can follow me on my Instagram (@kenza_david) too see the sorts of photos that I take and what inspires me to take photos (: