Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hi, I'm Laura.In art I am working on trash art with two other  people, together we are making 3 skateboards. In the trash art group we searched for inspiration by surfing the internet, then discussed how we are going to successfully create what we chose as our project.

 After discussing this with the group we all searched for cans to make our own seperate skate boards made with only cans and stuck with glue. Resulting in another discussion about how much items we would need to make it, in the end we had 4 wheels for each person and enough cans to cover the back of the skateboard.

I still need to create the wheels and paint the from but I am nearly finished. I made the skateboard because it seemed like a fun idea, then I made it completely green because I liked the color and i am making the front a scene. Can you give me some feedback?
Inline image 2

Inline image 1

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  1. Hey Laura! :)
    I really want to take a look at your artwork but all of the computers here can't see the pictures you posted!! :(
    I think you should upload it again! :)